Here are a few key things to help you understand how Odysius works:

  • We offer three core ― Consulting, Verification & Marketing

  • All products are separate but can be joined together through specific service plan agreements

  • If your plan is subscription-based, you recurring payments at any time

  • Plans are typically not interchangeable to avoid order errors

What is each product for?

Odysius's products all contain different features which enable you to receive value in different ways.

In-Depth Consultations

Being one of our top features ― consultations aim to provide general education, perspective, and guidance for growing or seasoned brands or influencers. Each consultation is unique and personalized for the specific client's page and includes 1:1 suggestions/advice on how to leverage and improve your page, as well as current algorithm insights and tips.

Verification Requests

Our PR experts will generate a social resume for your account, highlighting key factors to maximize your brand’s impact when Instagram reviews our recommendation and researches your account. This professional recommendation is the same we’ve used to assist in verifying all other Instagram accounts for brands and individuals. Once completed ― we physically print, package, and mail your submission directly to Instagram Headquarters.

AI-Powered Marketing

Odysius AI-Powered Marketing incorporates using advanced AI tools such as HypeAuditor (a tool used to spot fake followers) and our own machine learning technology to gather relevant data about Instagram users. Once we have that data, we’re able to super-target audiences for our clients using creative, paid, social media advertising and drive traffic back to their page.

What features do I get with each plan?

For an outline of the key features included with each plan, including the features that come with the Odysius Platform, see our plans and pricing here.

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