Odysius is a global Marketing and Consulting Agency that focuses on Instagram Growth, Verification, and Development. We assist individuals and brands with Instagram Verification submissions, growth of their Instagram communities, and the professional development of their accounts.

How can Intercom help me?

If you have an Instagram or a brand website, Odysius can help with the following:

  • Verification: Our experienced PR team has helped countless individuals and brands become verified on Instagram.

  • In-Depth Consulting Guidance: Learn about how to leverage Instagram's algorithm and your page's unique presence with a custom, 1-on-1 strategic game plan, made specifically for your account.

  • Generate website sales: For select clients, our exclusive Ad Managment service provides a turnkey solution for driving traffic, conversions and traffic via their website or e-commerce store.

  • Social media growth: Using strategic, paid advertising ― Odysius markets your Instagram page to attract interested Instagram followers.

Who uses Intercom?

  • Brands who need social media verification or marketing for their website or Instagram.

  • Individuals who want to establish their Instagram as an authority page via exponential growth or the blue tick.

What sets Odysius apart?

Unlike a mix of disconnected, subpar solutions ― Odysius is more than a marketing company or social growth platform. Our industry research, expert team, and professional services provide individuals and businesses with the tools to develop their brand past just the surface-level.

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