It comes across as impersonal, dishonest and unscrupulous

Think about this… Someone follows you — you had a look at their page, see the follow button and say “Hey, why not give a follow back?” 1 month later you see a post, happen go on their page and notice it’s the same person but they no longer follow you… You might feel like this person or brand was never interested in you or your content, but rather just wanted you to follow them or look at theirs.

Follow backers typically don’t care about your content

Out of the hundreds of people you’re following, maybe only half or less will follow back and the majority of them will only do it to return the favor, not because they care about your brand.

Creates uneven Follow To Engagement Ratio

Since people are mostly just following back to return the favor, they won’t really engage with your content. Even if you do get some to stick, they’ll likely become ghost followers.

You’re more obvious than you think

Sooner or later, they’ll notice you unfollowed and once again will return the favor. There are many apps that show who unfollowed you and people don’t hesitate to use them!

Instagram doesn’t like it and it’s harder to hide

Follow/unfollow isn’t just looked down upon by Instagram users. Mass following operations take a bigger toll on your Instagram spam and trust score. Why risk it?

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